Sophie Laly

Year of production


Running time

30 minutes

Screen ratio

HD - 16/9ème

Festival d’Avignon 2013, Sujets à Vif – Programme A

“A South-African militant said one day: ‘People must arrive at vanquishing this element of political life that plays against them. This element is their feeling of inferiority.’ The question here is to take an interest in the historical context of the year 1976, the year of the Soweto riots, which became for South-African artists not only a cause for combat, but also a creative substratum. A celebration of the human spirit, this project intends to get past the feeling of inferiority to arrive at that point where the artist magnifies humanity and liberates it from its historical contingency, and where he or she permits us to seize the rare occasions of envisaging a better future.”
Mamela Nyamza

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