Sophie Laly

Year of production


Running time

33 minutes

Screen ratio

HD - 16/9ème

Festival d’Avignon 2013, Sujets à Vif – Programme C

“The blow smashes the silence into a thousand fragments. / The uppercut of the invisible enemy scores a hit. / The pleasure of pain zaps the carcass. / The invisible enemy is very familiar to me. He looks like me. / Against him the fight is lost in advance. / But victory is not the acceptable objective. Failure will be better. / The determination of chance is not funny. / What is funny is misfortune. / Wealth is the heroism of failure. / The strange image of perfection pursues me at a gallop. / When it passes me, I lose the gait. / I let it go by. And I run behind it with the angels that make fun of me. / They make me laugh. I am out of breath and ridiculous.”
Pierre Rigal

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