Sophie Laly

Year of production


Running time

30 minutes

Screen ratio

HD - 16/9ème

Festival d’Avignon 2013, Sujets à Vif – Programme A

“I see an exploration in sound, words and gestures. / I see a bottomless well whose walls alone can be distinguished. / I see tensed muscles. / Tightened throats. / I see bodies that form knots. / I see in fact a millennial song, one of those songs that you sing with the voice and soul. / With the mind and the body. / I see a concerto for sleeping beasts on the threshold of an imminent awakening. / I see glidings, comings and goings and inversions in the proposals of each one’s materials. / I see unknown lands. / I see the untimely meeting of two creatures.” D’ de Kabal

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