Sophie Laly

Year of production


Running time

30 minutes

Screen ratio

HD - 16/9ème

Festival d’Avignon 2013, Sujets à Vif – Programme C

“In the woods, behind the lake, there are leaves and crunching sounds, murmurs and sighs, wild animals and flowing water. You find Little Riding Hood red with shame and small pebbles without Tom Thumb, tired heroes and lost predators. You certainly find ogres without boots, wolves without voices and shadows without subjects. In the woods, you especially find yourself face to face with yourself. I imagined confronting the electro circus, a work based on the image and the sensitive agreement between sound and circus gesture, with words in action, rapped and slammed. A flow of words, words that bang and that flow like so many footnotes, counterpoints, echoes to movement. We will be attentive to frictions, to incidents, to accidents, to the fragility of this encounter between two worlds, to recompose, in the woods, a balanced trio.”
Sébastien Le Guen

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