Sophie Laly

Year of production


Running time

30 minutes

Screen ratio

HD - 16/9ème

Festival d’Avignon 2013, Sujets à Vif – Programme B

“These are roads made of paving stones. Holes. With brambles. And sublime panoramas. A virgin. It is high heat. Dust. And a lot of mosquitos. A desert crossing?  It is windy. For sure… A real storm. That crunches between the teeth. In short. It leaves a strange taste. Or then a forced march. We’ll call it that. To a hellish rhythm. But you love it. You ask for it again and again. You want to continue the race. Let them love each other. And let them cry. And let them shout. And let them embrace each other. You hum a little. You even have a fan. It sells. Like a kindergarten. It’s a little like a party. You’ll say a theatre party. Okay, yes. You’ll say that. A slow dance dripping with dirty actors.”
Ambre Kahan

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